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James 3:12 - Nestorians versus Naturalists
Shlama Akhay,

Trust the Nestorians. <!-- sSmile --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif" alt="Smile" title="Smile" /><!-- sSmile -->

The verb "ABD" in this case is to be translated "be made to produce", not "be made". (cf., C.A.L.)

The same root is used for "Fig tree" -> "Olives", "Vine" -> "figs". The thought, the word imagery, is one of reproduction.

Not that the naturalists are wrong - salt water, when strained through sand, indeed will yield fresh water. But that is hardly the word imagery being painted by Paul.

In fact, the Peshitta accurately portrays Paul's original word-imagery (that of reproduction, or "producing").
+Shamasha Paul bar-Shimun de'Beth-Younan
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