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Maronite Hymns and Prayer
shlom lokh aboon Valentin,

I know of a priest who's currently dual rite, he's name is Father Dom Bartholomew Leon, OSB.

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Phone (570) 824-3599

He'll probably be the best to consult, since he has gone through the process.

In todays world most of our Qurbono is said in Arabic, with the exception of the consecration, the Qadishat Aloho, the lbaytokh, and a few others. It's really sad, and what is sadder is that most people don't even know about their Syriac heritage. The only people who know Syriac are the clergy, and a bunch of people who chose to learn it. It hasn't been mandatory to teach Syriac since the 1940's, when the Qurbono switched from pure Syriac to its current form. Although our current Patriarch is pushing the Syriac cause.

But since our Qurbono has both Arabic, and Syriac next to each other, I choose to respond in Syriac rather than Arabic, since it's permitted (I do it with a low voice, so that I don't draw attention to myself away from the teshmeshto). Especially given the fact that I could barely read Arabic, but I'm more comfortable reading the Syriac.

Sometimes I meet up with other people like me, who choose to preserve the Syriac language and Syriac Maronite Tradition, and we pray the Shhimto in Syriac only. The Shhimto is a book for the regular liturgical season, which covers the different prayers that monks say during the different hours of the day. And also given the Monastic nature of the Maronite Church, in the old days, the people on Sunday use to pray the Shhimto, which is why unlike other Syriac traditions that don't, our Shhimto has prayers for Sunday.

poosh bashlomo,

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