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Can't you leave the old reading alone ?!?!

the change was from the otherwise universal reading of "upholding" (pheron in Greek) to "revealing" (phaneron in Greek). a two letter difference (insertion of alpha and nu) makes all the difference.

from what i can tell, there isn't any strong Aramaic basis to explain this variant. although a very slim chance, i suppose, could exist in the fact that the Peshitta's use of the root 'khad basically means "to hold onto," but if inflected properly, can also mean to "set fire to / kindle" something. the Greek term phaneron can mean "shine" / "light" (as in to make known) -- which allows a very slim possibility for explanation, but none that i would say is of any real merit.

i'd stick with the thought that a scribe was using his "lying pen" that day....

Chayim b'Moshiach,

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