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some fruit of the last few months
Posting another Ode. This is number 8 and it is very uplifting.


1 Open ye, open ye thine hearts, to the exultation of The LORD;
2 And let thy love be multiplied from the heart unto the lips;
3 To Bring forth fruit unto The LORD; to live holy;
4 And to talk with watchfulness in His light.
5 Rise up and stand erect! Ye who sometime were brought low.
6 Tell forth! Ye who were in silence, that thy mouth hath been opened.
7 Ye therefore, who were despised, be henceforth lifted up!
8 For the right hand of The LORD is with thee, and He is thy helper;
9 And peace wast prepared for thee before ever thy war was.
10 Hear the word of truth, and receive the knowledge of The MOST HIGH;
11 For thy flesh hath not known that which I speak unto thee;
12 Nor hast thy garment understood that which I show unto thee.
13 Keep my mystery! Ye who are kept by it;
14 Keep my faith! Ye who are kept by it;
l5 And understand my knowledge, ye who know me in truth;
16 And love me with affection, ye who love;
17 For I turn not my face from them who art mine, for I know them;
18 And before they came into being, I took knowledge of them;
19 And set my seal upon their faces.
20 I am pleased with them and not ashamed of them;
21 For my workmanship art they, and the strength of my thoughts.
22 Who then, shall stand against my handiwork;
23 Or who is not subject unto them?
24 I willed and fashioned mind and heart, and they art mine;
25 And by my own right hand I set my elect ones.
26 Ask, abound, and abide in the love of The LORD.
27 And ye beloved ones of The Beloved;
28 Those who art kept by Him who liveth;
29 And they who art saved by Him who wast saved;
30 Ye shall be found incorrupt throughout all ages to the name of thy Father.

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