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Second Coming already happened (A.D. 70)?
Mattia (Matthew) 24:

29 "And , immediately after the suffering of those days the sun will be darkened and the moon not will shine its light and the stars will fall from Heaven and the powers of the Heavens will be shaken. 30And then will be seen the sign of Bareh d'Enasha in Heaven, and then will mourn all the tribes of the earth and will see Bareh d'Enasha who comes upon the clouds of Heaven with power and great glory. "

Tacitus - Roman historian:
"In the sky appeared a vision of armies in conflict, of glittering armour. A sudden lightening flash from the clouds lit up the Temple. The doors of the holy place abruptly opened, a superhuman voice was heard to declare that the gods were leaving it, and in the same instant came the rushing tumult of their departure" (Histories, v. 13).

Eusebius Pamphili (circa A.D. 260-341), Bishop of Caesarea quoting Josphesus :
"A few days after the Feast, on the 21st of Artemisius, a supernatural apparition was seen, too amazing to be believed. What I have to relate would have been dismissed as an invention had it not been vouched for by eyewitnesses and followed by disasters that bore out the signs. Befoe sunset there were seen in the sky over the whole country chariots and regiments in arms speeding through the clouds and encircling the towns." (<i>Eusebius: The History of the Church from Christ to Constantine</i></a>, translated by G.A. Williamson (Penguin Classics, 1965; revised by Andrew Louth, 1989) Book 3, Ch. 8 ).

Shlama, Craig

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