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Aramaic rendering of "LORD God"

In English there are two words concerning deity which we translate as "Lord". If the Hebrew word is "Adonay" we translate that word as "Lord". If the Hebrew word is "YHWH" (Jehovah) we translate that word as "LORD" unless it immediately follows "Adonay". In the Bible if we see the English word "Lord" we know that word means "Adonay" every single time. If we see the same word spelled "LORD" it always means "YHWH" (Jehovah), always. If we see the word "God" it comes from the Hebrew "Elohim" (or any of the derivatives of Elohim like El, Eloah, etc.). If we see "GOD" you will notice that this word only follows the word "Lord", in this case all capitals "GOD" also means "YHWH". Here is a flow sheet:

Lord= Adonay (always)
LORD= YHWH (always)
God= Elohim, El, Eloah, etc. (once as Adonay)
GOD= YHWH (always and only follows "Lord" [Adonay]).
Lord GOD= Adonay YHWH
LORD God= YHWH Elohim

What are the Aramaic words for "YHWH", "Adonai", and "Elohim" (or El, Eloah etc.)? How are these word translated in the POT and PNT? How would you translate "YHWH Elohim"and "Adonai YHWH" if your translating, not transliterating? In your translation have you followed the traditional spelling of "Lord" v. "LORD"?


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