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Inmanuel: Question for Paul
Shlama Akhi Paul:
I have a doubt in this text...
NB. If this matter has been already treated, please let me know which link I should address to (in the ???old forum??? perhaps?) so you can save your time... Otherwise I???ll appreciate your wise answer.
It???s about Mt 1:23 which is a quote of Is 7:14 (There???re some other curious issues in this, especially that of the ???Virgin???. I???ll post it soon). Let??? see the texts:

l' wnmv wmH t'rqw ??b tdlyw hrh hmlvh hnh
[font=Estrangelo (V1.1)]Ly0wnm9 hm4 0rqtnw 0rb 0dlyw 0n=b Flwtb 0h [/font]
Targ Jonathan:
l'wnmv hytw rb dyltw 'ydvm 'tmylwv 'h
Idou j parqenov en gastri exei kai texetai uion
kai kalesousin to onoma autou Emmanoujl
o estin meqermjneuomenon Meq' jmwn o qeov

???Which is translated [as] ???God with us??????

[font=Estrangelo (V1.1)]Ly0wnm9 hm4 Jwrqnw 0rb dl0tw N=bt Flwtb 0hd
Jhl0 Nm9 Mgrttmd

NB. [font=Estrangelo (V1.1)] Mgrttm [/font]: participle etpalpal of [font=Estrangelo (V1.1)]Mgrt [/font]= to be interpreted; translated (This is according the dictionary I have).

My question(s) is (are): Why this [unnecessary?] addition in PNT? Weren???t the addressees of the Aramaic text of PNT ???unlike the Greeks??? well acquainted to the Hebrew so this ???translation??? would be superfluous? Couldn???t Zorbafiloi use this as an argument to ???prove??? the Greek originalism?

I would suggest two solutions (you tell me!):
1. This is a TRANSLATION from a HEBREW COMPOSED NAME to Aramaic.
2. The verb also means ???to mean???... I mean (oops!): significance, to get serious, (as in English you say ???I mean it???) so the sense could be ???INMANUEL, which MEANS (i.e. = ???is to be correctly interpreted???; ???has the real significance???, rather than merely ???translated???), ???OUR ([font=Estrangelo (V1.1)]Jhl0 [/font]) God with us??????.
What do you think?
desperately waiting your answer...

Ab. Valentin

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