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Peshitta into English
Jimmy Wrote:So, have I wasted my time these past 15 years studying Lamsa, Errico and those who agree with them?

I think Akki Paul put it best :-) Lamsa is not a waste, because he is technically one of the "modern fathers" of the Aramaic primacy movement, if not the most well-known Aramaic primacist to date. His studies, though, were based off of eastern mysticism and personal theology :-P :-(

Quote:One more question. Lamsa says "turn the other cheek" means "don't start a fight." This never made sense to me because the person has already been slapped. He hasn't started anything.

The explanation that I have been given by the professors here at Rutgers has to do with the importance of the right hand in 1st Century social interaction. Even today, most business is done with the right hand, because, for example, in days of olde the left hand was a godsend in a world without toilet paper (I wish I was making this up, I truly wish). HENCE, greetings, and disciplines were done with the right hand.

In order to strike someone on the right cheek, then, as Jesus talked about, the assailant would have to backhand their target. Children and slaves were disciplined in this way, so imagine the social implications of backhanding someone across the right side of their face. Insult and mockery! Turning the other cheek, then (according to my professors) was not a way of rolling over in a fight, but preventing someone from looking down on you. Offering your left cheek would be along the lines of silently saying "Face me like an equal."

It's a very interesting theory, but I don't know the sources from where it came.


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