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New Eastern Peshitta Interlinear
(12-25-2016, 03:40 AM)Thirdwoe Wrote: This is a big step in the right direction and I am happy to see it coming out. Being the purist I am though, I just wished The Aramaic Text there was REALLY The Peshitta Text and not just the UBS version of it, though with some of the more obvious western changes reverted back to the Original Eastern readings. Even though Etheridge's translation is the closer to the Original Peshitta text than the others, and is the more literal of the more known translations, it is still translated by Etheridge from a printed text/texts that doesn't always have the REAL Peshitta reading in every place, but rather is/are an edited version/versions of it.



I share your sentiments as well.  Unfortunately, the compiler thought it best to use an existing translation in the public domain for sake of ease / getting it out there, so my contribution to it, as requested, was to attempt to alter the Western readings to Eastern originals.  The final result as it is was not my personal choosing, even.  

Still, glad to have been able to provide what I could, and like you wrote, definitely a step in the right direction.  One day, Alaha willing, there will be a true Eastern interlinear with fresh translation attached.  =)

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