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Peshitta Old Testament online - questions.
Chuck andIvan,

I thank you for being willing to interact with me on these important issues. I consider your offerto help me out as "REACHING OUT TO ME." these things that involve the Word of the Messiah our important issues to me because that which involves the Word of God invlolves eternity. These are the actions of people who have servant's hearts and there are not many in the body of Messiah like that today.

Again, thank you.


Mike Karoules

P.S. I also thank the moderators and Paul Younan for allowing me to share things on his web-site and allow for open , honest and calm("kind")discussions. take care.

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Re: Peshitta Old Testament online - questions. - by Mike Kar - 05-06-2013, 03:44 PM

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