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What about Christ Jesus vs Jesus Christ
The use of transliteration in a translation is a matter of personal preference. If there is an equivalent word in the target language it makes more sense grammatically to use it, as the reader will better understand. A good example is the greek "aggelos" which is often transliterated "angel" but sometimes correctly translated "messenger." (I'm not fluent enough in aramaic to give a good Peshitta example.) The translator has to guess every time the word appears whether in his opinion the text is speaking of "an angel," like a spirit being from the heavenly realm. Sometimes the context seems very clear that it isn't, but in the end it boils down to the best guess (or preference) of the translator.

I don't believe you can ever get 100% the true sense of any text by reading a translation. That's what makes Peshitta such a significant document.

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