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David Bauscher Peshitta Translation
Thirdwoe Wrote:Don't tease! lol

That is the best news ever Shamasha...God willing. When I spoke to His Grace Mar Awa the 1st time at Mar Yosip, we were talking about the Peshitta a bit, and I told him you were the man to talk to about an official translation into English. But I'm sure he already knew that. And if you have a chance to speak to him about my desire to be Baptised, could you see if he knows this? I havent heard from anyone yet about it.


Hi Akha,

I will surely bring it up, as I said I'd like to make it out there for a visit and it would be great if it could coincide with your Baptism. I'm sure Qasha Genard has traveled along with His Grace, and I'll verify with him as well.

I'm excited about this: I've asked so many others in the past, and the answer was always (for various reasons) no. I'm hoping we can get this done!


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