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David Bauscher Peshitta Translation
Unfortunately, Ive been reduced to using public computers as of late, so I cannot access all those PDF files, Thirdwoe, thanks though.

Does Magiera use the Crawford or Harklean in her version?

I am exceedingly stressed right now with the Western 5...primarily, with biblical canons around the world and how they all differ in number and why God allows this madness. (Not an insult to the LORD, but obviously a pretty apparent truth, otherwise variations wouldnt exist PERIOD)

Ex. I just found out that the book of Jude mentions Noah, the 8th from Adam, when he is the tenth from Adam....This board has let me know over and over this book was spurious to begin with. Am I now wise and mighty enough that I now discard this book that Ive been brought up to know as absolute truth as mythical and suspicious? Arent there warnings about that sort of behavior and mindset in scripture?

But you cant pick and choose! Throwing out Jude means throwing out Revelation too....and that book just seems so authentic and serves as such a good "closer" for the extensive and chronological library that is called the Bible, I couldnt imagine it being a fake.


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