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David Bauscher Peshitta Translation
This thread popped up at the perfect time, and im grateful for Thirdwoe telling me where to find Dave B.'s translation. I like Dave's work due to his use of that oh so precious Crawford text (specifically Revelation), and that he does accurately appear to translate, at least to the point where all the Greek errors I remember being in the NT are gone in his.

I DONT agree with the Bible codes like I once did, but it doesnt matter whether hes right or wrong on that one-it has nothing to do with how good the current translation is-Im yet to find a major weird translation mistake by David B. (E.g. Him using "languages" instead of "tongues" is ACCURATE, languages=tongues)

I did NOT like Roth's NT. I paid for the 1st edition only to be reading something quite scrambled and messy, numerous typos, and wayyyyy too many hebraic terms put in that were really just for show, not necessary at all to include considering its an ENGLISH translation.

Fast foward to Roth's 4 edition, and Matthew 13:27 still reads as an error (putting YHWH in place of a regular "lord", which lets me know Im sure there are still many many more left-I'll save my 70 bucks this time.

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