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David Bauscher Peshitta Translation
The Texas RAT Wrote:Luc, YHWH never referred to his own Character by any definition that G-D is connected with,
Oh yeah?

God /god/ Show Spelled[god] Show IPA
1. the one Supreme Being, the creator and ruler of the universe.

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That right there is a definition that is conncted to the word God (the most common one that English speakers are familiar with) and also one that the Mighty One of Israel has certainly identified Himself with many times.
Yes, we have to remember that the Scriptures were inspired in Hebrew and Aramaic, not English. But, the word for God in Hebrew and Aramaic (Elohim/Alaha) was equally applied to pagan deities, so it's really no different. However, as all those pagan deities are false and powerless (lest you choose to believe in their power and thus feed the demonic unnecessarily) it doesn't matter either way.

The Texas RAT Wrote:In this I would say I agree 100% is how the pagan traditions of calling upon YHWH with words/names/titles that He never used for Himself came about in the first place.
Your grammar in this sentence makes it sound almost as if you were asking how this happened in the first place. The answer is simple. The Scriptures were writtein in Hebrew. The Catholic Church spoke Greek and Latin. These are different languages. Problem solved.

I hope you don't think that the Almighty only speaks Hebrew or Aramaic though. I can call on the Eternal One in the local vernacle of any part of the world and He knows I am speaking to Him. Perfect example, my congregation just sent over some money to some congregations in Africa that are under our spiritual covering so that they could purchase Bibles in the local language (Swahili). These bibles do not contain the Hebrew tetragrammaton or Hebrew transliterations like Elohim, but it is evident that the Almighty wasn't so concerned with this. How do I know? The local LDS church tried to put a stop to this project and "out of the blue" their children were immediately hospitalized with life threatening sickness, bringing them to repentance. Our Father fought for us and ensured that His Word got into the hands of His people, despite their lack of Hebrew transliterations.

We may have the luxury of argueing over pointless semantics in our countries, but in the grand scheme of things it bears no fruit and is nothing more than a misinterpreted ritualistic stumbling block.

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