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David Bauscher Peshitta Translation
ScorpioSniper2 Wrote:This is not making an idol. Elohim is actually a plural noun used for God, not denoting a Trinity as some would say, but the majesty and infiniteness of God. God is simply the English word to describe a deity. God knows who you're talking to, whether you call Him Yahweh, Jehovah, Adonai, Adown, Elohim, Alaha, Allah, Eloah, Jesus, Lord, Yeshua, Eshoa or simply Christ. God and "gad" are simply pronounced the same way, they are not the same word! Jesus is not a pagan name either, it is simply the English translation of the Greek Iesous, which is the Greek version of Yeshua/Yehoshua. I am sure that when Paul was preaching to the Gentiles in Rome, referred to the Messiah as Iesous Christos and not Yeshua haMashiyach. Iesous means "YHWH salvation", just like Yeshua.
Amen. Accepting this linguistic and textual truth will allow you to bear much fruit. I pray that the scales of the Sacred Name movement (SNM) would one day be removed. An idol is nothing, let us forget them all. When we make reference to who they were we are mentioning their "name" and are guilty of the Torah command which says to not even mention them. This command, despite modern misinterpretation by the SNM, has nothing to do with verbally pronouncing a certain sound, but everything to do with mentioning character and reputation. So in trying to make a case for their silly "verbal-sound-theologies", the SNM actually transgresses the very command they're obsessively trying to uphold. Truly vain worship by teaching as doctrines the commandments of men. Doctrines not supported by any legitameant interpretation of any text. But alas, this is what happens when there is no (or very poor) spiritual covering.

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