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David Bauscher Peshitta Translation
Thirdwoe Wrote:Luc,

According to the Aramaic and Hebrew Scriptures, Marya/MarYah/MasterYAH is M'shikha/Messiah/Christ = Y'shua/Eshu/Jesus is YHWH.

You know this right?
Yup. "Marya haw Eshoa" -Rav Shaul

The Texas RAT Wrote:the Hebrew word/name of GoD denotes being fortunate in the sense of luck.
Yes, the Hebrew word gad means fortune. But we're not speaking Hebrew, we're speaking english. In English, God is Elohim.

As for your sacred name theology, this isn't the place to debate that. But name in Hebrew/Aramaic denotes character and reputation, not a sound to be pronounced vocally. Only by approaching the text with this understanding can we grasp what the Almighty means when He speaks about His "name".

ScorpioSniper2 Wrote:I don't believe Paul wrote Hebrews, it seems to be missing a lot of Paul's signatures (such as the usual Pauline greeting used in his known Epistles).
The church founders explain this by saying that since Paul wasn't the most popular guy in Jerusalem (hence the plan they came up with for Paul in Acts 21 to prove to everyone that he still observes Torah) Paul didn't write his greetings because some may have rejected the teaching if they knew it was from him, thinking that he was there to teach them to forsake Moses (Acts 21:20-21). Personally I think Paul wrote it because in the text we see the same issues regarding the Law that everyone argues about in his other epistles, we see an entire chapter (just like in Romans) proving that everyone was justified by faith, and we also see (in the opening of Hebrews) christological statements that are very Pauline ("the exact image of His nature"... compare that with in Colossians how he says that Christ is the "visible image of the invisible God"). Things like this point me to Pauline authorship, and everyone in the early church testifies to this as well except for Rome for some reason.

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