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David Bauscher Peshitta Translation
Amen to that...

Hey, SS2, have you found any iron clad proof that any books of the NT were 1st written down in Greek? If so, please show me, cause I'd like to check it out for myself...and why could it not be this way...The Apostles 1st wrote in their regular language, and then had them, that day, or week or so later, translated for those who spoke in Greek, or Latin...while the Aramaic letter and copies of them were sent to those who spoke Aramaic, such as all those Jewish Christians in the Diaspora, in which the Apostle Paul preached 1st to, in all their Synagogues in Asia Minor and even Greece.

Try this...go look up all the places in the Book of Acts, where Paul enters a city of the Gentiles...and see who he most often goes fishing for...

Many of these posts here have shown many things that show an Original Aramaic NT, linguistically speaking...And this is not a new idea either, as I just found the Greek Church leader/teacher, Clement of Alexandria talking about how the Apostle Paul wrote his letter 1st to the Hebrews, and then Luke, his helper, translated it...presumably into Greek...which seems to be what he is saying there.


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