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David Bauscher Peshitta Translation
SC2...if he were David Bauscher, he is being a critic of his own version as well in his posts, which I don't think David would be doing.

You said: "superb translation" when speaking of Andrew Roth's version of the Peshitta/Peshitto.

Sadly, not so much... He does not just leave the text be, but edits and modifies it to his own liking and into his own image, as He wants it to read like...which turns it into a version that his particular group can use more than any others. It is thus a "sectarian version" of the Peshitta/Peshitto.

And while some of his notes are good and useful...many are just way too biased and sectarian to be useful to those outside of his particular religious expression, which I feel is wrong to do, if you are going to sell it to the public, as if it were really the Eastern Peshitta, which it is not, in the form and version he has come up with for it.

Not that it is all bad though, or of no is on some levels, but it certainly is not a "superb translation" or even really a "translation" for the most part, but a composite edited version of other's work...though I do prefer it's readings in a number of places over Mr. Bauscher's version of the Western Peshitto text, which he claims is the "The Original Peshitta New Testament", which it is not.


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