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ACTS 11:26 that makes me think...
Burning one Wrote:
Paul Younan Wrote:these were my thoughts, as well. especially knowing the cross-roads nature of Antioch and the bilingual prevalence there of Aramaic and Greek, it would only be logical to comment on the "rise" of this term in such a city. obviously it would have been no big deal for them to have been called a Semitic term of description if they arose initially in a culture immersed in a Semitic language -- why even comment on that, right? it would only stand out worthy of noting if something *changed* enough linguistically. a blossoming community of belief intermixed with a heavy dose of "Gentiles" would be the perfect recipe for an alternate title in another language.

Chayim b'Moshiach,

Hi Akhi,

Yes, and it's stuck to this day. You'll sometimes hear people today use the terms Meshikhaye/Kristyane interchangeably in the various neo-Aramaic dialects as well, sometimes in the same sentence without even realizing it. They're used today as synonyms.


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