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1 Enoch
Dear family in Yashua,Berek Alaha! I'm wondering if anyone shares an interest in the Aramaic book of 1 Enoch./the Ethiopian Orthodox church is the only ancient EasternApostolic church to have canonised this book although it was highly regarded amongst the earliest church fathers.As we know Revelation barely made it into the canon and didnt technically make it into the original Peshitta New Testament. 1 Enoch should rightfully be in the standard biblical canon as it is defineatly Divinely inspired which is very evident when reading it.The Dead Sea scrolls also had numerous fragments and texts of 1 Enoch although it is primarily from the Ethiopian Geez and Amharic that the current editions are made from as no surviving complete manuscripts in Aramaic have came down to us.St.Jude quotes from it in his epistle as does our Lord when He states He saw Satan fall like lightning from Heaven.In Yashua,Michael.

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