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Forsake / Spare interesting alternate possibility
i guess you are well aware of it, but Jesus was quoting Psalms 22. In Aramaic, yes, but still it was Psalms 22. Psalms 22 was written in Hebrew, and i believe instead of focusing on the Greek, which is translation of translation, we should focus on the Hebrew, which is the original. Though i personally always like to see various interpretation, in this case, the Hebrew seems to support the "forsake" much more than the "spare". In fact, i did not find any OT reading that supports "spare" for azab (heb. for SH'WAQ).

Just my thoughts, so please don't throw stones at me all at once for bringing hebrew into the discussion.
Jesus is the one true God of the Bible.

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Re: Forsake / Spare interesting alternate possibility - by Andrej - 01-07-2011, 06:25 PM

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