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Curious Variant in a NT Quote

i ran across this today while studying in 1st Timothy 5:18 --

....???Worthy is the laborer of his reward.???

Paulus is quoting from Yeshua Himself. the quote comes from Luke 10:7.

there is a subtle difference in the Greek reading in that there is a variant term in existence for "reward." Most texts have the reading of MISTHOU, and yet there also exists the reading of TROPHEES, which means basically the same thing.

what surprised me is that there is a VARIANT in a QUOTE in the NT. i've never seen a variant appear within a quoted text itself. furthermore, there is no actual Greek variant reading for the source of the quote in Luke 10:7, so where did the variant come from in the Greek of 1st Timothy? why would some manuscripts get it "right" and yet others contain a totally different term when the source of the quote was in the exact same language (or so they propose)?

see what i mean?

is it just me or does this lend quite a bit of weight to the idea that the Greek was being translated from an Aramaic copy of 1st Timothy?


Chayim b'Moshiach,

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