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Precepts/Traditions -OR- Commandments?
Shlama Ryan,

thank you for your input and the link to the download. i didn't know the book was offered online for free! i ended up reading almost the entire thing in one sitting! excellent information! and well done for sharing with those initially coming into the Nazarene path.

as for the Matt. 23 topic you mentioned, i searched for it but couldn't find it. if you know where it is, you can copy/paste it here by going to the title of the topic -- it should be in green at the heading of each post on a topic - and right-click, then select "copy shortcut," then go to where you want to post, right-click again, and click "paste." i know Matt. 23 has some interesting wordings in the Aramaic, so i'm sure i'd be intrigued by the posts!

anyhow, thanks for your quick response and the help!

Chayim b'Moshiach,

Amatsyah Wrote:Shlama Jeremy,

Good question. Looking at Bauscher???s rendering in his interlinear, he renders poqadona as commandments, rightly. This is what fits the text, and this is what the text means.

Akhan Andrew covers the usages of aurayta, namusa, poqda/poqadona, and their counterpart namusa d???poqda b???poqadonhi in his Path to Life monograph, <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> .

Start with p.7 which covers poqadona (or p.5 which begins the chapter on all these words), and use the PDF Search tool to track your word through his entire essay. This is what I do. It???s great stuff ??? I believe you???ll really enjoy it!

Just a guess, but I figure you might also be interested in similar coverage of a related situation in Matthew 23. In the Nazarene forum, dated Sat. April 26, 2008, titled ???Matt. 23???, I think you might be interested by the first few or so posts (I don???t know how to hyperlink specific threads here, sorry).

BTW, the quick answer to your question is that ???precepts??? would work only if the English reader immediately interprets this to refer to ???commandments???. So the best English rendering is undoubtedly ???commandments???, so that rise is not given to the idea of ???dogma???, ???ordinances???, or otherwise. On p.8 Andrew says, ???The word poqda, sometimes also rendered as poqadona, is the direct cognate of mitzvah ??? the Hebrew word used to denote the commandments of YHWH???. I believe this is the answer you were looking for?

Blessings my friend,


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