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Where was Eden - Was it actually in Israel?
The issue is irrelevant to some, but it actually influences Biblical hermeneutics in ways in ways you might never imagine. If you are interested in exploring the issue, check out this web site defending Eden???s Israeli location. The site deals with the Scientific, Historical, and Biblical foundations for this perspective, and can be viewed at:

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* Science ??? Geology model, Mitochondrial Eve and the genetic arguments for the humanities first parents, etc
* History ??? Rabbinic Tradition, Eden in the Apocrypha, Archetypes in Religion and Mythology
* Bible ??? Eden and Israel to be defined by the same boundaries, Eden and the Temple, etc

The last article posted is very interested, and is about the Sumerian location of a place they called Dilmun ??? the worlds most ancient version of Eden. They follow the exploits of Gilgamesh to discover Dilmun???s homeland, and what would become the path of Abraham. You can review this article here:
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The question is, "If Eden was in Israel, how does this effect the way we understand the rest of scripture?"

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