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Division of Syrian Church?
judge Wrote:
oozeaddai Wrote:And besides having some of the same origons. I wold suspect that prior to 431 that east and western churches were in communion and communication with each other, in the same way that the Latin, Greek, Egyptian etc. churches were having similar relations during pre and post nicene times.


It is difficult to imagine them being too close if it took 75 or 80 years for the mesopotamisn church to even hear about the decsision of 431 (if this is the case)

I've been taking taking a look at "East of the Euphrates", which i just started a new thread on.

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anyway it looks to me skimming through chapter 2) "Christianity in Edessa", and Chapter 3) "Christianity in Persia".

That the churches were seperated officially by the time of Constantine. And infact Constantine is the direct cause of it. (The Chrisitans persecuted for fear of being spies of 5th Columnists of Rome/ Byzantium).

Anyway if you look at the chapter 2, or other writings. It really looks like Syriac Chrisitanity as far as the first three hundred years were all more or less part of the same Church. Or at least closely affiliated with each other. But physical distance and the need to politically distance themselves, caused more of the formal jurisdcitional divisions.

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