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Number Seven patterns in Matthew's Genealogy
This is a study in numerics, very similar to what
Ivan Panin discovered in Genesis 1:1. I know it smacks of "Kabbalah", but I couldn't resist running the numbers on The Peshitta text of Matthew 1:1-17. Here's what I found :

[font=Estrangelo (V1.1)]0btk
mhrb0d hrb dywdd hrb 0xy$m (w$yd htwdylyd
Yhwx0lw 0dwhyl dlw0 bwq(y bwq(yl dlw0 Qxsy0 Qxsy0l dlw0 mhrb0
mr0l dlw0 nwrcx nwrcxl dlw0 crp rmt nm Xrzlw crpl dlw0 0dwhy
nwmlsl dlw0 nw$xn nw$xnl dlw0 bdnym( bdnym(l dlw0 mr0
Y$y0l dlw0 dybw( tw(r nm dybw(l dlw0 z(b bxr nm z(bl dlw0 nwmls
0yrw0d httn0 nm nwmyl$l dlw0 dywd 0klm dywdl dlw0 Y$y0
0s0l dlw0 0yb0 0yb0l dlw0 m(bxr m(bxrl dlw0 nwmyl$
0yzw(l dlw0 mrwy mrwyl dlw0 +p$why +p$whyl dlw0 0s0
0yqzxl dlw0 zx0 zx0l dlw0 mtwy mtwyl dlw0 0yzw(
0y$wyl dlw0 nwm0 nwm0l dlw0 0$nm 0$nml dlw0 0yqzx
lbbd Fwlgb Yhwx0lw 0ynkwyl dlw0 0y$wy
lbbrwzl dlw0 ly0tl$ ly0tl$l dlw0 0ynkwy lbbd nyd Fwlg rtb nm
rwz(l dlw0 myqyl0 myqyl0l dlw0 dwyb0 dwyb0l dlw0 lbbrwz
dwyl0l dlw0 nyk0 nyk0l dlw0 Qwdz Qwdzl dlw0 rwz(
bwq(yl dlw0 ntm ntml dlw0 rz(yl0 rz(yl0l dlw0 dwyl0
0xy$m 0rqtmd (w$y dlyt0 hnmd myrmd hrbg Pswyl dlw0 bwq(y
Fwlgl 0md( dywd nmw 0rs(br0 Fbr$ dywdl 0md( mhrb0 nm Fbr$ lykh nyhlk
0rs(br0 Fbr$ 0xy$ml 0md( lbbd Fwlg nmw 0rs(br0 Fbr$ lbbd[/font]

1-2.Verses 1-16 are 152 (8*19) words; 707 (7*101) letters
3-4.Without v.1 introduction- 144(12*12) or 2*8*9 or 24*32 words; 668 (4*167) letters

5-8.Verse 17- (omitted) says there are three sets of 14 (2*7) generations each, from Abraham to King David,
David to Jochaniah, Jochaniah toThe Christ, totaling 42 generations = 2*3*7)

9-10.The first set to King David (shaded grey) has 56 words (7*8) or 23*7; 253 letters (11*23).See Luke???s genealogy for 253.
11-12.The middle section has 48 (4*12) or (6*8)or 24*3 words; 226 (2*113) letters.
13-14.The last section has 48 (4*12) or (6*8) or 24*3 words and 228 (3*4*19)or (12*19) letters.
15-16.Verse 17 has 23 words, 109 letters (both prime #???s).
17-18.The total for 1-17: 175 words (7*5*5); 816 (6*8*17) or (4*12*17) or (24*3*17) or (48*17) letters.
19-20.Vss. 2-17 have 167 words, 777-(7 hundreds,7 tens, 7 one???s) (7*111) or (7*3*37) letters.
Of 20 numbers above:
There are 7 multiples of 7, 6-8???s, 1-9, 6-12???s, 4-16???s, 2-19???s, 2-23???s, 3-48???s, 2-167???s.
The normal probability of sevens is 14.3% ; 7-7???s out of 20 numbers is 35% occurrence.
The probability of finding seven factors of 7 out of twenty numbers randomly, is approx. 1/(77/7^2.86) or 1/7^4.14, which is 1/3153, or 0.0003 = 0.03% , otherwise written 3 x 10-4 .
Three chances of 10,000 is a very slim chance, and that is just for the sevens !

Six 8???s have a prob. of 1/ (8^6/8^2.5) or 1/1448 = 0.0007 , or 0.07% ! Otherwise written 7 x 10-4 .
Six 12???s have prob. 1/(12^6/12^1.67) or 1/47081 = 0.00002 or 0.002% ! Otherwise written 2 x 10-5 .
Four 16???s : 1/(16^4/16^1.25) or 0.0004 = 4x 10-4.
Three 48???s have : 4.6 x 10-5 .

Two 167???s have : 6.6 x 10-5 .

Multiplying all the above probabilties gives a composite probability for the genealogy as it
occurs in The Peshitta : 0.00000000000000000000000510048.
Yes, that???s 24 decimal places to the right of zero ! 5x10-24.

Now, one might ask, ???Where are the 42 generations? I count 41.???

This genealogy is Mary???s line; Luke???s is plainly Joseph???s (Joseph Bar Heli) . The seemingly
missing generation in Matthew 1 is ???Joseph, Gabrah of Mary??? , in v. 16.
???Gabrah???, as Web site host and fluent Aramaic speaker ,Paul Younan has written, may refer to Mary???s father. The word denotes ???a guardian, protector??? . This genealogy is not Joseph???s, husband of Mary. That is obviously in Luke 3:23-38 (Joseph Bar Heli).
This genealogy in Matthew does not agree with Luke???s:

Luke 3:23 (MUR) And Jesus was about thirty years old. And he was accounted the son of Joseph, the son of Heli,
[font=Estrangelo (V1.1)]ylh rb Pswy rb 0wh rbtsmw Nytlt Nyn$ rb Ky0 0wh yhwty0 9w$y Nyd wh [/font]23 (PESHITTA)

Blue Aramaic words are ???Joseph Bar Heli???.

The verse in Greek:
kai autov hn ihsouv arcomenov wsei etwn triakonta wn uiov wv enomizeto iwshf tou hli
Blue Greek words: ???Joseph of Heli???. This form is used throughout the Greek genealogy to indicate sonship. If Joseph were not descended from Heli, they would not both be in the genealogy like this. The loose Greek construction is construed by some to refer to Jesus, not Joseph, as descended from Heli. Others have it to mean ???Jesus, accounted son of Joseph, who was son-in law to Heli.??? Neither of these is a natural reading of the Greek; they are attempts to reshape this genealogy into Mary???s instead of Joseph???s. To take the Greek phrase,
(Name ???tou??? name), which occurs 76 times in the Greek text, as ???Joseph son in law to Heli???, and then reinterpret it 75 times more as ???son??? is stretching credulity to its limits. It is playing too fast and loose with language and logic to be true.
The Aramaic reading is much more precise and definite: ???Joseph Bar Heli, Bar Matthat, ??????
Joseph???s name is in it, therefore it belongs to him. If it were Mary???s , her name would be in the genealogy. It is not. Her name is in Matthew 1:16. That is her genealogy.

The genealogy is Joseph???s line , so don???t expect it to match Matthew???s.
Scholars following the Greek of Luke, which omits the word for ???son??? (uiov)
75 times (Aramaic has ???Bar??? 76 times) , instead uses the genitive article tou
(tou) 75 times between each name. The genitive is usually translated ???of ..???:
- ???Jacob of Isaac of Abraham of Terah???etc.???.

That is a strange construction for a genealogy of The Messiah. One would expect precision in such a case. The Greek is imprecise, both in grammar and in its spelling of Hebrew and Aramaic names. We should expect a Semitic genealogy for all those Semitic names, such as would have been kept in the temple at Jerusalem and at the synagogues.

In The Peshitta, we have such a genealogy, fit for a King.
Even the numbers of its words and letters point to a Divine author.

Blessings ,

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