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Khabouris Institute !?!?
[Image: ICCI%20Header6.gif]

The Khabouris Ancient Manuscript Institute

The Khabouris manuscript is an Aramaic New Testament Codex carbon dated at 1000 CE and, according to its imprimatur from the Bishop of the Church of Nineveh, it is a direct copy of a second century text. It is truly a work of beauty, with sacred olive wood covers and five hundred plus pages on sheepskin, written in one well practiced scribe's hand. It is thought to be the oldest complete Aramaic New Testament Manuscript in existence. The manuscript is being digitally scanned and translated as part of the Khabouris Ancient Manuscript Institute, a project of the International Orthodox Christian Institute and the ICCI. Dr. Crawford is one of the primary scholars participating in the project.

[Image: kiborus%201b.jpg]

Bishop Jones & Bishop Gherrit Crawford, Ordinary of the ICCI Diocese of the Philippines and Director of The Institute, examine the Ancient Khabouris New Testament


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