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A gift
Quote:What an artiste you are !Did Allah give you your load of arrogance, or came it from another source ?

It is from me.

Quote:You have not even answered my arguments, let alone destroyed them.
The only thing you have destroyed is your credibility with me.

I've addressed each argument. Is there something I've missed?

Quote:You are nothing but a propagandist.

Ad hominem (abusive)

Quote:You don't even believe the things you say. How can you convince someone else to believe them ? You shuck and jive, avoiding my main argument and throw up a smoke screen of general objections from the Apocrypha and critics of Isaiah, and you call that brilliant destruction of an argument which you totally avoided.

I've addressed your argument on human embryology (both within the Qu'ran and the book of Job). They are on this very thread.

Quote:What a joke !

I've demonstrated that the verses you've quoted from the Qu'ran are in concordance with modern embryology.

Then I pointed out how one of the verses in the book of Job was at least "inspired" by Aristole's On Generation of Animals.

You later dismissed it as having nothing to do with embryology but as a theme of Job's suffering (without evidence).

I later showed you how the verse depicts Job's formation ("skin and flesh, bones and sinews").

Quote:Have fun with Paul; I doubt he takes you seriously. I know I will not. You are not sincere;just another salesman.

You've ran out of ammonition. Take a bow.

Who was a greater salesman than the Apostle Paul?

Quote:Protest all you wish.

I've challenged the adminstrator to find a single contradiction in the Qu'ran (internal or external) to further prove the supremacy of the Peshitta. If they can, then the Qu'ran is as they say. If they cannot, which they will not, then reconsider the supremacy of the "queen of versions." It is a worthy challenge that will either affirm your faith in the Peshitta or break it.

All of you. Attack me at once.
???Do not give up, for that is ignorance and not according to the rules of this art... Like the lover, you cannot hope to achieve success without infinite perseverance.???

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