Poll: Who will win Tomorrow's Election?
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Mar Gewargis
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Who will win tomorrow?
hi Paul,

I agree.. God bless America... and all humanity.

I also agree that the hate that has bred in the middle east of the milenia in the people there are what has made the disfunction there that destroyed the lives of so many of my assyrian christian relatives in Turkey a hundred years ago. And if you read and believe the OT then it started with our ancestors invading and opressing and be brutal to their enemies... then who was next, their enemies brutally destroying their civilization and people and their old captors writing a religion around demonizing them... then the romans like the greeks before them, with their imperialist world domination and all the horrors and injustices of brutal invaders... and then later the christian crusades further injustices to both jews and muslims... perhaps those crusades and invasions are what caused the disfunction in islam of jihads and infadels... then the muslims for the past milenia and a half have been doing the invading, genocides, forced conversions, beheading etc. etc. and the way they treat their women as chattle, is what breeds this disfunction and then all the imperialists that have exploited their resources and the world wars and the promises made and not kept to our assyrian christian ancestors who then were left to the muslim wolves to be slaughter for the side they took and the common religion of who the muslims saw as their enemies and tormentors... and the viscous cycle continues... and now we have terrorists and our good country of america got a hard hit so we hit back... an eye for an eye... as ghandi said will make the whole world blind.. but i agree we have to stop terrorism and it would be nice if we also stopped exploitation and imperalism so we no longer fuel hate and give them a recruiting tool... and I do think we should have hit afghanistan, the taliban, alquada and osama even harder than bush did... but as much as the world and iraq are better off without that evil egomaniac sadam, i think it was the wrong time for the wrong reason... now, if democracy suceeds and even years down the line iraq is prosperous and terrorism is curtailed, then yes, it was right and worth it from global perspective.. but never worth it to the lives lost... but we have to secure the world and america did a lot in the world wars to secure the world from the german maniacs of that time, and then the cold war from the communist agression and expansion, and now from islamic extermist terrorists... so yes, God bless america... but we also have to understand and have compassion and not attack under false premises or pretenses... even if just the appearnce of it... cause we need to stop terrorism every way we can including wars if that is the only defense, and other operative devices, but also by stopping things that fuel terrorism.. my personal belief is that saying the way islam and the middle east treat women is a cultural thing we can do nothing about is bunk... if we want a revolution, then we need to get women justice in the middle east... for the way they grow up thinking about and treating women is in my opinion causing a mass psychosis and an unhealthy disfunctional society and it is far more connected to the problems of terrorism in my opinion than we see on the surface... for if you can degrade your mother, your wife, your sister, your daughter and think of them as having less value and allow injustices from oppressions to honor killings etc.. as acceptable, then you breed an evil mentality that can easily do the same to those who are incovenient or annoying to you... or you see as an enemy... that to me is the root of the problem, both cause and symptom... and as for my ancestors as you noted, Paul, yes I know who has oppressed and murdered them, but I also know the rest of the "civilized" world not only looked on and did nothing, but still denies what has been done and even that assyrians exist... so assyrians have far greater problems than america invading iraq... but those there are now in a far worse situation than before cause before they had an equal opportunity opressor but a stabile community, and now they are facing another genocide by these extermists nuts... and I hope america and the world takes measures to protect them but it seems to me they are ignoring them and leaving them to the wolves to fend for themselves and be punished by the extermists nuts for their support of america... so yes, god bless america... but as a patriotic america, i am not blind to our faults... and i hope that we correct our faults for as jesus said, if you live by the sword then you die by the sword.. and i am all for self defense and even extreme measures to stop terrorism, but not for initiating wars on false premises that wind up making terrorism worse.

peace and love,

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