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Getting Pesh Primacy out may be sooner than you think
Shlama Akha w' Khatha,

I am posting my web site link to Peshitta articles and research as I have updated most of them.
I would especially like to direct you to ???Peshitta-Greek word comparisons???, a pdf file.
I have simplified it considerably, I hope. It employs the scientific method to test the Peshitta Primacy hypothesis and a specific prediction of search results of Greek & Aramaic word pairs, related to an original vs. a translation of that original.

There are 15,000 references among the search data in this experiment; Over 6,000 are control data from the LXX , Hebrew OT, Latin Vulgate & Greek NT. The control models compare known the Greek LXX and Latin Vulgate translations to the known Hebrew OT and Greek NT behind them. These translations compare to their originals in the same way as The Greek NT does to The Peshitta NT ! I explain the method details using an analogy to running a distillery and how to scientifically measure the difference between the distilled ???stuff??? and the raw ???stuff???.

The same basic processes may be employed in discerning an original text from a translation of that original.

The results of the experiment are unequivocal and unanimous. Every Peshitta : Greek NT word pair search & analysis agrees to the control Hebrew OT: Greek LXX & Greek NT : Latin Vulgate ratio patterns . The sheer volume of data precludes any coincidence or statistical anomalies as accounting for the final results.
I believe Peshitta Primacy will be established at the scientific theory level and eventually as a proven fact by this method.

This is entirely independent from my Bible Codes experiment , which comes to the same and also a greater conclusion:
The Peshitta was written and encoded by God The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit, with many of the 84 Divine Names and Titles found encoded throughout the critical edition of The 1979 Syriac NT (also the Online Bible Syriac NT 1905).

I am submitting the article to Hugoye Journal of Syriac Studies. I am formatting it to their guideline requirements. Hopefully they will see fit to publish it. It would be a major breakthrough for the cause of Peshitta Primacy and the overthrow of Greek Primacy, which will eventually occur and be established in Western theological and religious institutions.

Go to : <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> .
Then: Peshitta-Greek word comparisons.

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Dave Bauscher

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