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The Way International's Interlinear

Is the Aramaic-English Interlinear New Testament published by The Way International a faithful translation? Is it based on the eastern Peshitta or the Peshito?

Hi Keith.

It is based on the western Peshitto text. It also contains the western five.

Take care
Hey Paul,

Thanks for the info. Is there some website or other source that has the differences between the Peshitta and Peshito? I really would like an English translation of the Peshitta.

Hi Brother,

Not really that I'm aware of. I wish there was a good comparison, right now I could use it to filter all the western readings in the UBS text on this site.

Thirdwoe has compiled a pretty handy list of differences between the Eastern and Western Peshitta texts and he updates it every time he finds something new.

I have the Way's interlinear set and the concordance to it. I've found that it is a very faithful and literal translation of the Aramaic text.
Hey Scorpio, thanks for the link. Very helpful.
The Way International utilizes four 5th-6th century manuscripts for their translation, but they all are from the Western copies, which have been altered here and there starting in the 4th-5th centuries. The translation does tend to stick with the texts they use. If you are looking for a true and real Peshitta text and translation, you wont find it there, as it is a hybrid text, not always faithful to the original Peshitta text. They have added the Western Five books which are not part of the Peshitta NT, but were later translated from Greek sources.


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