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1199 A.D. Eastern Peshitta Manuscript free download!
Harvard University Library just sent me this link...I just right clicked on the link, saved it as a PDF document to my files...and now I have a free copy of a 12th century copy of The Eastern Peshitta, which was given to Dr. Grant, an English Protestant Missionary who went among the Assyrian People in the mid 1800s...who gave him this copy of their Aramaic Peshitta NT.

Here is what Harvard sent me...

The link to your requested PDS document is listed below and is now available.
Please note that this link will be active for no more than 7 days.
For any other questions, please contact <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... -1-341.pdf</a><!-- m -->

Shlama akhi,

much thanks for sharing the link! i downloaded it as well, as this will be great for future comparison!

Chayim b'Moshiach,
Yes can't get more Eastern Aramaic Peshitta than this, like the Khabouris. And from about the same time that the Khabouris is said to have been scribed. Iv'e checked Hebrews 2:9 and 2:16...and they are exactly the same as Khabouris is. Very clear high res images which you can magnify to huge size to see each letter.

Big thanks to Akhi Phil !!!

Thank you very much!
<!-- s:inlove: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/inlove.gif" alt=":inlove:" title="In Love" /><!-- s:inlove: --> with Harvard!
Phil, great!
Sent them thanks!
(now I really have to learn estrangelo)
I've printed out Hebrews, Philemon, Titus, and 2nd I need to get more ink!!! <!-- sSmile --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif" alt="Smile" title="Smile" /><!-- sSmile -->

Shamasha Paul, or Ahki Jeremy...or any others who can read the words at the start and end of the Manuscript, and perhaps give a translation of these pages?...I can make some of it out, and it looks like it may be the end of Hebrews is a long section for instance, which looks to me to be Biographical scetch of all The Apostles and possibly their companions, also the 7, and the 70 looks like. And also, what looks like a break down summary of the Books of the NT as they appear in the text. 4 Gospels (Matt, Mark, Luke, and John) Acts of the Apostles, 3 General Epistles (James, Peter, and John), and 14 Epistles of Paul, including Hebrews at the end. No mention of the W5 looks like...which is to be expected, for a true Eastern Peshitta Manuscript which this certainly is.

I'm calling this very important, (at least 814 year old Eastern Peshitta Manuscript), "The Asahel Grant Ms.", or just "The Grant Ms.", Harvard calls it "Syriac 4", which is no good for a name...and as this copy of The Eastern Peshitta was given as a gift from His Holiness Mar Shimun Abraham, to the dear Dr. Asahel Grant, whom they loved...and who died shortly after he published his book about his time living with the Assyrian People, and The Church of the East members, whom he ministered and doctored among. Later, when he died at the young age of just 37, after his Wife and Children are said to have all died before him...I've read that "all Mosul wept" at his passing.

338 leaves, bound: vellum.

Manuscript Page Contents with page numbers for the PDF:

Ornamental cross & On the genealogies of Jesus in Matt. and Luke, by Theodore of Mopsuestia, with a diagram. (pg.5)

Matthew (pg. 6-47)
Mark (pg. 48-75)
Luke (pg. 76-124)
John (pg. 124-160)

Acts and General Epistles of James, Peter, and John (pg. 160-223)

Pauline Epistles usual order, with Hebrews at the end after Philemon (pg. 223-337)

Colophon (pg. 337-338)

On the lives and deaths of the twelve and seventy apostles, by Eusebius of Caesarea (pg. 338-340)

Two Ornamental Crosses (pg. 341-342)

Notes: A leaf is missing after pg. 334. Missing text of Hebrews 11:29 from the ninth word to 12:7 to the 2nd word of the verse. As far as I know this is the only missing part of the New Testament, though the Ms is smudged on a number of pages, obscuring some of the words.

It is written in a fine estrangela hand with Eastern vowels, in single column, 26-28 lines per page.

Rubrics, subscriptions, and other occasional ornaments are in red and green. Sections of the text are numbered in the margins using the usual double sequence. Lections are not marked.

A later hand has added glosses and other unidentified words in small writing in the margins.

Date from colophon gives the date 1511 AG (1199-1200 A.D.) and the hijra date 594 (1198-1199 A.D.) The colophon also gives the scribe?s name as Boktisho' and the place of writing being the Monastery of Rabban Sabriso' in the mountains of Qardu.

There are notes in English, translating various rubrics throughout the ms.

Presented by The Church of the East Patriarch Mar Shimon XVII Abraham to the Presbyterian Missionary Dr. Asahel Grant, and by him to the Library of the A.B.C.F. Missions. Oriental binding in full leather over walnut boards, fastened with a leather strap.

A very good contribution.
Divide Epistles of Paul too.
Mingana 148 also have history about 70 disciples lives.
Maybe somehow is related to Mingana 148.

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