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Bible dates and times
Is there any findings about dates or times that are significantly different in Aramaic from Greek? I have studied the Calendar in Enoch and found that the calendar seems more consistant with that in canons. For example we always here of the hour of the day but you never hear of over a twelth hour. The reason seems to be that a biblical day had 18 hours which according to our current calendar would be 18 hours of 80 minutes each. This means that day would never be greater than 12 hours which matches Jesus words when He said there were 12 hours in a day as that is the most there can be in daylight hours. Additionally, I notice when the bible mentions hours its spoken of from the direction - for example 3rd hour of the night or 3rd hour of the day so again we never hear of the hours of a day spoken of greater than 12 hours. Additionally, the Calendar described by Enoch is 364 days which we know would seem to be make our year off a day and quarter but it really doesn't. The reason is doesn't is because in the Enoch Calendar the lunar month doesn't start at the first glimpse of light on the moon or first sliver. The first day starts when the moon rises with a complete 14th part of her light. So the time an astronimical new moon (no light) to this perfect 14th is usually that missing day and a quarter making this calendar probably perfect. Furthermore, the lunar cycles change in it every year just as it says. For example the moon would fall behind the sun 6 days plus the 4 intercalary days meaning that it would fall 10 days from where it was the previous year. I have studied it immensely. What does seem odd to me is that the Enoch Calendar shows 48 weeks and it seems that the last couple few weeks after the 48 before the new year are not of occasion. Is there anything in the Peshitta about noting those last weeks or a 13th month?


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