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Aramaic Primacy in its Fullest Sense!
I mentioned this before previously as a Gentile but would like to re-iterate its importance.

Aramaic should be seen as the foundation for the contemporary Semetic languages that have descended from it, and these should not be seen as 'separate' languages as academics like to distinguish them.

Hebrew and Arabic [I have no knowledge of Ge'ez in relation to this issue] are both to differing degrees dialects of the same source language, that being, Aramaic.

Aramaic is structurally more simplified in some ways and the later complexities developed by the two are as a result from contact with other languages and cultures. I.e. Hebrew's Egyptian influence.

This is my view on this. This is not to say that Aramaic is 'superior' in any way, but to say that it is the father language, with Hebrew and Aramaic as its sons.

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