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criticism of Lancaster's intro
In the introduction of Was the New Testament Really Written in Greek? by Lancaster: "All you should need to be convinced is this book and maybe a little help from the man upstairs." God is not a man. God created man.

"There are many Christians who believe that the New Testament was written in Aramaic, particularly in the East (Christianity is after all, an Eastern religion)." After all truly, it is not just an eastern religion as the rest in history. Jesus Christ said to spread the Word. It is spread all over the world, and the easterners did not originate the religion, but God originated the true religion through Jesus Christ, so i do not call it an eastern religion in some sort of category with other religions which have sprouted up in a geographical location.

The phrase "The Man upstairs" is a common idiomatic expression in English refering to "God". Having said that, some folks find the expression a bit disrespectful, in any event, according to my understanding, the phrase is not meant to depict God as a man.

In regards to Christianity being an Eastern religion, I think the comment there was meant to bring attention to the historic fact the the faith is based and rooted in the middle and near east as opposed to the misguided notion that Christianity is somehow coming out of European and western thoughts and ideas.


Thanks for answering Dean. Yes, "man upstairs" is a non-offensive idiom, and Christianity did start in the Mid-East (not too say that Eastern Christians are the only "real Christians or anything).


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