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The direct and pure mastering of a language. - Ivan Pavlovich Ostapyuk - 07-05-2004

Shlama, Akhay,

My point of view to share.

Here I want to share some pure methods of mastering languages.
We have dictionaries and grammars. If You want to be protected from misconceptions, do not use them as final decision.
The words have many meanings. An author of a dictionary collects these meanings, and they are based on his conclusions, often misconceptions or with a bias. Just remember that dictionaries are men???s creation. The same relates to Grammar. They are good on the first stage.
Here is another method. Just get few words from dictionary for start. Start reading text comparing it to a translation. Get general picture. Then, all meanings of a word must be explained only by the context. The only context is to determine and develop the meanings of the words. The context is the real and final teacher.

I have been practicing languages for a long time and think that have right to put my opinion on the forum to help You.