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Mosul Bible - Gentile - 07-04-2004


I am really keen to get hold of the so called Mosul Bible, which is apparently an Arabic translation of the Peshitta! However I am finding it very heard to get, and I have been contacting the Lebanese Bible Society and the one in England but no replies. If anyone at all can help me get this it would be appreciated. I have seen varoius Arabic Bibles must most are just translated from English KJVs and NIVs! But I want Peshitta only. See the link below:

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OR if anyone knows if there are any other Arabic Peshitta's about, please tell me? Paul, any ideas?

- Paul Younan - 07-07-2004

Shlama Akhi Gentile,

This Arabic translation of the Peshitta was created by the Dominicans in the Catholic Church of Iraq ("Chaldean Rite Catholics"). I think the best person to get a hold of here in the states is Mar Ibrahim of the Chaldean Church.

You can contact the "Mother of God" Parish in Southfield, Michigan at (248) 356-0565