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Jesus feeding X thousand - Gentile - 06-03-2004


Just wanted to find out what words in the Pshitta are used to discuss this event of Jesus distributing a small amount of bread to x thousand - I say x because I don't know the exact number. Some sources say 4 some say 5. But anyway the point is a small amount of food distributed to a large number of people. Please can someone outline the words used.

In addition - is it possible that this may be an allegory as I think it is very possible. Food = his teaching [being the bread of life] which he is distributing to x thousand people, if you catch my drift.

Comments welcome

- Rob - 06-03-2004

Shlama akhi Gentile,

I don't think it matters, honestly. To an atheist perhaps. The difference in "thousands" is irrelevant. These sort of small nitpicks don't disqualify biblical inerrancy since the variation is highly understandable in light of 1st century literature and reasoning. Who stopped to count the official number?

Technically Luke and Josephus record different times for Herod's death, but who cares? They both record that he died miserably.

Get my drift?

- Dean Dana - 06-03-2004


The Peshitta records in some places 4 thousand and in some places 5 thousand.