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Assyrian Bible - dansom - 03-11-2011

Hey guys,

I'm a newbie and I just wanted to know where I can get an Assyrian Bible in Madenkha.

I come from germany and it's hard to find one here.

I'm thankful for any recommandation...


- Paul Younan - 03-11-2011

Hi Dansom. There is a PDF on this site of the entire NT in the ancient tongue. Look under tools, Peshitta NT & Psalms.


Re: Assyrian Bible - dansom - 03-11-2011

Hi Paul,

I have already seen the PDF....
But I'm searching for a Bible as a book.

And the PDF is another way of writing. I'm searching like this one:

[Image: e2836d-1299861195.jpg]

Shlama amokhun

- Paul Younan - 03-11-2011

Shlama Dansom.

The PDF is the complete book. Check it out. It's a single PDF with what your looking for.

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