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New Interlinear Project - gbausc - 05-11-2005

Shlama Y'all,

I have gone ahead in the past few months and translated
John and Mark 1-5, in interlinear form. I am also giving a prose rendering underneath each verse, though I have only finished 8 chapters in John for this. I am using Online Bible Hebrew fonts. I want the script to look like an early first century script.

I don't know how to download these to this forum. Any takers ? Otherwise, Dan Gan will continue to upload them to my Peshitta website at the link below. Just follow the link on the welcome page at the bottom for the interlinear.
Dan Gan has done a great job with it !

I have yet to receive a response from Paul these past 5 months from posts and emails about translation and his opinion of my work.

I hope to finish Mark by June 1st.


Dave Bauscher

- ograabe - 05-11-2005

May 11, 2005

Dear Dave:

Would you consider doing an Aramaic Peshitta interlinear translation of Romans? Romans is crammed full of Christian theology. It should be a rewarding endeavor.


- gbausc - 05-12-2005

Shlama akhi Otto,

I will do the entire NT, but the Gospels first, Acts, then Romans. I would love to translate Romans , but I want to keep everything in some semblance of unity and order.
I am also interested in publishing the work, and it would be difficult to publish two gospels and Romans.
If you think you could make that happen, I would translate Romans after Mark.

But you're right about Romans, and the churches need a literal English translation from the Aramaic. It presents the theology of The Messiah and the gospel like no other book ever written.

Burktha w'Tibotha,
(Blessings & Grace)


- Dave - 05-13-2005

Here is an interlinear project already started:

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... roject.htm</a><!-- m -->

Read up on it. Commissioned by a big name and headed up by a big name. If you want your work to have lasting impressions instead of laying to rest on a website that no one may pay attention to, consider inviting yourself onto the team.

- ograabe - 05-13-2005

May 13, 2005

Dear Dave:

We already have Paul's terrific interlinear of the Gospels, and others are working on similar projects. Do you really want to invest time into competing with these works? Can you improve on Paul's Gospel Interlinear Translation?

For publishability you might consider a separate project on "The Pauline Epistles." This could be a stand-alone work that I believe would be of considerable interest.


- Dave - 05-14-2005


The person overseeing the work is an established individual, with his own publishing company and such. And yes, the work would be much better than what is currently available, easier for people to utilize in their studies, as it would be a software product that could be used to compare the syriac texts against other texts.

Mister Kiraz has had more material published on syriac works that anyone can shake a stick at here. I'm not taunting people here, it is just a well known fact.

The Logos brand software and study materials are also very well known, in fact, that is an understatement.

Look at the examples at the bottom of the page of the link I gave.

There were openings for individuals to work on sections of the syriac text on this project, I wanted to pass the informational along in case some of the folks here wanted to contribute to the finished product.

Interlinear - gbausc - 05-18-2005

Shlama kalhown,

Dave, do you really think Otto was talking to you ?

Otto, I am doing the entire NT. I need to start in the Gospels to get my feet wet. I can check it with Paul's work
(though it is prety much my own translation) and establish my competence as a translator. I believe the Hebrew characters represent the original form of the Peshitta - Estrangela was not used in the first century. I also am giving a prose translation with the interlinear, which Paul has not done. I also have given considerable notes about the textual differences between Greek and Aramaic and the origin of the Greek readings , which are pretty well documented and original with me.

I must follow where my feet take me. So far, they take me
to the gospels. I hope you guys have checked out my work.
Kiraz' work is going to look like a nightmare to a layman.
It is far too technical, with four or five layers of different interlinear translations for every line of Aramaic. The Serto script of Aramaic is also a daunting looking text for people to learn. I don't think that is a good way to introduce Aramaic to the public. I'm sure it will be a great resource for scholars.
Mine will have the interlinear, with an Aramaic word, then its English equivalent in brackets, an Aramaic word, an English word, etc.
Under each verse will be a straightforward prose translation
taken from the interlinear in very simple English. I have already done these for John 1-9 and John 17.

Kiraz is inviting the people he wants to do the work. He is not going to invite me. He has already refused to publish an article by me in Hugoye Journal on Peshitta primacy (which opens on my web site as the opening screen at <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->) , which article is very well documented and supported. I believe he is threatened by Peshitta primacists so much that he would not even publish an opposing view in his journal. I have seen nothing in them to refute that notion.

Well, thanks for the inquiries. Maybe my work will just sit on the web site for years. I pray not, but I know that "He who calls you is also faithful to perform it". The disposition of it is in His hands.

Blessings with Grace,

Dave Bauscher

- ograabe - 05-18-2005

May 18, 2005

Dear Dave:

Thanks for the information and best wishes in your ambitious project.


P.S. The web is a powerful tool for distributing ideas.

- Dave - 05-19-2005


Far too technical? Please. The logos systems are in use all over the world Dave, why not raise your expectations a little here? That particular interlinear format is a recognized form that several companies utilize because of it's ease of use, not just Libronix/Logos. Take a look at the Interlinear Scripture Analyzer online.

I and many others are not interested in learning the syriac dialect, nor are we concerned with opinions. We are only concerned with having the language broken down in a good interlinear form so that it can be compared against the greek and others. Then we (as in the born-again Christian crowd that holds an interest in this) can make the judgements ourselves.

The Spirit of Truth is the guide.

- gbausc - 05-20-2005

Shlama akhi Dave,

I remember about two years ago, you were ranting ,"Will someone please help Paul with the translation ?". Now that Paul has quit translating and someone is taking up the work, all you can do is throw rocks ?
Read Nehemiah Dave. There is a story in there somewhere about this.

The Holy Spirit is called The Comforter and Advocate. He builds us up; He does not tear us down.



- Dave - 05-21-2005

I can foresee Mister Kiraz's work being finished, He has the ambition, the resources, and he is not in the business of spouting off nonsense over it.

I don't care what you, Trimm, or anyone else thinks about the history or what word relates to what other word. It is a mute point. There are greater things in action here (obviously beyond your current comprehension), and the comparison between these several languages is of much more importance than your opinions. That tells the truth, not opinions and history lessons.

If the mantel has been taken away from Paul, then there was reasons. I would have liked to have seen him finish it up, but if he has lost his calling on this, then it wasn't mine or anyone else's decision. He has done a great job on Acts, from what I can tell.

- gbausc - 05-22-2005

Gee, sounds like David versus Goliath to me.
You're right . What could anyone do against a Goliath ?

One must wonder why Kiraz is interested in translating a translation, since that's what The Peshitta is to him. He believes the Greek stands behind the Peshitta, from what I can tell. Why translate The Peshitta ? Perhaps he sees a market for a Peshitta audience in the likelihood that Peshitta primacy is a rising star , thanks to this web site, primarily ?


- Dave - 05-22-2005

Quote:One must wonder why Kiraz is interested in translating a translation, since that's what The Peshitta is to him. He believes the Greek stands behind the Peshitta, from what I can tell. Why translate The Peshitta ? Perhaps he sees a market for a Peshitta audience in the likelihood that Peshitta primacy is a rising star , thanks to this web site, primarily ?

Hmmmmm, no.

I know that this peshitta primacy movement is all stars in your dreams and thoughts mister Bausher, but in fact, GOD is using mister Kiraz and his helpers to finally get this finished in an interlinear format for certain people, such as myself, who realize the greek manuscripts that were used behind the syriac are quite useful in comparison with other greek texts, such as the bezae, etc. The greek behind the Old syriac is useful, the greek behind the Harklean is useful, as is the greek behind the peshitta versions.

This is only a small segment in the furtherance of GOD's work. HE is completely involved in bringing out these things of old so that they can be looked at by HIS designated people for once, instead of the organizations of mankind. And HIS people who are readily involved in bringing this about are receiving great spiritual blessings within as they finish key things HE has them do. When it is put together, HIS people will have a great treasure presented to them from HIM. HE gets the glory.

As I said, I for one could care less about your inputs or history lessons as they are useless, and are nothing more than a distraction from the work required. I only need a very literal translation of Acts onward to Revelation of this particular language. I don't care about the gospels in the peshitta, they most likely will not be used. There are better things that GOD will direct me and others to.

But yea, you can go on about this peshitta primacy movement thing amongst your fellow inmates as you like, if it will make you feel better inside. You can be in awe of just how rhythmic it is, and attempt to bring GOD's born-again people into this great wonder that this dialect holds, and watch them refuse it as they ever have since it was scribed.

Why? Because GOD directs them away from it, and refuses to put HIS blessing upon it above the greek. History has proven it a couple times already, but be my guest if you wish to fight against GOD over it.

- gbausc - 05-23-2005

Shalma akhi Dave,

If you want the Greek, you study Greek !
Hello !

So many words;so little light !


- Dave - 05-24-2005

Dave, I will consider your work it if it is finished, but I look forward to seeing Mr. Kiraz finish his since it will have a more advanced format that I'm accustomed to using already. If your work has any merit, I will use it, if it is bias'd or paraphrased, then I won't. I've already compared Paul's work in Acts and found it quite useful.