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John 10:1 - Keith - 04-19-2005


In John 10:1 Jesus speaks about a person who does not enter by the door into the "sheepfold". What is the meaning of this word "sheepfold" as compared to the same word in John 10:16?

It seems that verse 1 is speaking of a place where the sheep lived and verse 16 speaks of the sheep themselves. Is there a difference in Aramaic?

Is there any relation of either of these words with the word used in John 10:23 for "porch" or "portico"?


- Paul Younan - 04-28-2005

Shlama Akhi Keith,

The word used in both 10:1 and 10:16 is "Tyara" (pronounced "tee-aah-rah") which means a gathering or flock of sheep. The word is used in the same sense in both passages, meaning a grouping or gathering....but does not have any relation to the word for portico in 10:23.

Take care!