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Pshitta Psalms - The Lector - 02-12-2005


I am interested by the Zmra [or is it Zbra in Aramaic? Please correct me if wrong so that I know! CAL says that Zmra and Zbra are the same??] d'Dawid in the Pshitta version. Can someone please inform as to whether:

1. The Syriac/Aramaic churches have used these for public readings for a very long time

2. Whether the portions of the Psalms were divided up into sections according to letters of the Aramaic alphabet i.e. Alep to Taw. However, I do not mean the numerical system of Alep = 1, Bet = 2, Resh = 200, but more along the lines of the KJV's division of Psalm 119 i.e. Alep to Taw.

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