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Quote from eusebius - judge - 12-29-2004

In a previous discussion on the old forum here
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A quote from eusebius was discussed.

Quote:And in the Passio Sancti Procopii Martyris, (annexed by Valesius to the Hist. Eccles. of Eusebius, lib. viii. c. 1, ed. Amsterdam, 1695. Annotatt, p. 154,) the martyr is said to have been born at Jerusalem, and to have passed his life at Scythopolis, where he performed three functions in the church,- " unum in legendi officio, alterum in Syri interpretatione sermonis, et tertium adversus daemones manus impositione consummans ;" until his martyrdom, under Diocletian, A. D. 303.

Who is the martyr referred to here?[/url]

- Paul Younan - 12-29-2004

Shlama Akhi Michael,

The martyr was Hegesippus.