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Full Version: THE MESSAGE OF THE ANGELS - Luke 2:14
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Luke 2:13 And suddenly there appeared with the angel a heavenly host, praising God and saying,

Luke 2:14 ???Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace and good hope for mankind.???

Of men- to the sons- good - and hope - peace- earth- and on- in the highest- to God- glory ???
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Glory- in the heights- to God- and - on earth -- peace---- among men-- - good will
Doxa en uyistoiv qew kai epi gjv eirjnj en anqrwpoiv eudokia.

3. THE MINORITY CRITICAL (Vaticanus and Sinaiticus Catholic) GREEK TEXT:
Glory- in the heights- to God- and- on earth-- peace---- among men---- of good will
Doxa en uyistoiv qew kai epi gjv eirjnj en anqrwpoiv eudokiav.

An error of one sigma markedly changes the message of the Angels !

But this is most likely a scribal error from one greek text to another? Or is there some way this could be due to the peshitta?
I think that the powerful message of the Angels has been weakened and then corrupted by the Greek translators. I believe that the faulty "Critical" Greek (Vaticanus) text is now used in all popular modern English tranlsations except the New King James Version.

My favorite "modern English" translation is the one by George Lamsa based on the Peshitta.

Good one Otto :-)
Interestingly, the Eastern orthodox liturgy preserves the Peshitta version of this verse, when the priest says this in his prayers at the start of the service. Thanks for clearing up for me an area i was unsure which was right.

I assume the COE prayers follow the Peshitta, but what about OO prayers in the liturgy? Does anyone know is this verse used by them too? If so, then it is possible that all our various liturgies preserve a pre-corrupted version of the Greek :-) In fact, this would be an interesting area to explore... Greek liturgical evidence for primacy of the Peshitta!

in Christ,
Fr. John D'Alton