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Thank you both, akhay Abudar and Dan...

Just a note about the publisher...they are a house that specializes in Messianic and Nazarene Jewish titles. Ironically though they are located in Malta, right near the Vatican!!! They do no New Age stuff whatsoever.

I don't believe, to answer your point Akhi Dan, that I knock the Greek at all--certainly not any more than anyone else has done so on this very forum. I believe that Greek NT is like the LXX, a hugely important translation ( or should I say, translations). The LXX though, while it sheds a lot of light on ancient Hebrew, nevertheless also bears testimony to its Semitic master, and so does the Greek NT. The Greek NT also was not done until very late in the first century (I believe), so while its redactors were "early followers", I don't see them as original disciples. Second to third generation though--students of students who learned from the apostles--absolutely, but not first generation. And, as I make clear in the book, the Greek preserves much of my best evidence for Aramaic originality. I therefore respect the Greek--I just don't think it was first.

The fact is there are thousands of books out there that support an original Greek NT, regardless fo what I write. The fact is also that I don't need to write and come to the same conclusions that the majority have either. Books that "refute" me will be there no matter what, even if RQ never came out at all. And they will come out afterwards too, you can bet on it, Mel Gibson movie or not.

Finally, my publisher does have distrubution in Singapore, land of my beautiful wife Jaye, I might add. I don't know whether that includes Borders (it might), but the book can be shipped to locally Dan by the distributor there, if that is okay.

Hope this helps!
Shlama w'burkate
Andrew Gabriel Roth

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