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showe ltobe habr Andrew!


Andrew Gabriel Roth Wrote:Shlama all--

After more than a year of waiting I can finally break some great news...

I have found a publisher for RUACH QADIM, and paperback and hardcover editions of this book will be available by September 2004! This is a true miracle from YHWH--THE PUBLISHER CAME TO ME"! :onfire:

For those of you who may not be aware, RUACH QADIM is my attempt to show Peshitta originality for all 22 books in the Eastern Canon, and also offer some intriguing linguistic and historical evidence for the "Western 5" as well.

RUACH QADIM also contains an extensive section debunking Trimmisms such as Old Syriac Primacy (no shock to you veterans there!) as well as reliance on Dutillet and other forms of Hebrew Matthew.

Finally, I have also taken a great deal of time in piecing together the original history of the Nazarenes as well as their theology, and an extensive discussion of NT transmission trends is also provided. I actually have four scenarios: Papias, or an Aramaic original is badly traaanslated into several Greek "families" (for the Gospels, Acts, James, 1 John, 1 Peter and Hebrews); Maran Atha, or explaining a clear targumming process of Aramaic letters into Greek at the assembly level (for the other Epistles of Paul); Ichabod, dealing with the possiblity of a lost (and longer) Nazarene Jerusalem canon and how it was last seen in the direction of Rome (for the Western 5 of 2 Peter, 2 and 3 John, Jude and Revelation); and finally Ex-Nihilo, exposing more "Trimm-isms" for the frauds that they are.

This is completely updated with the best scholarship that has come from this forum in the past year as well, along with old favorites that continue to have an impact in both Nazarene and Christian circles (The Gowra Scenario, Old Syriac as Evangelion d'Mephareshe, etc.).

Stay tuned!

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