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Exhaustive Greek-Aramaic word pair study-Greek is Aramaic?
Hi folks,

I want to show you what I believe is an important find in The Greek NT in a word pair comparison with The Peshitta.
It is an exhaustive NT search & comparison of all occurrences of these Aramaic and Greek words.

It looks like the cultural divide between Greeks and Aramaeans is the rationale behind this radical departure of The Greek NT from the Aramaic.

The converse scenario (Greek to Aramaic) is implausible and unsupportable, as I demonstrate in the article, ???Greek & Aramaic in Peshitta???.Another Title for this could be , ???Aramaic is Greek & Greek is Greek ????
I am posting links to this and some other updated files on other exhaustive word comparisons.
Here is ,"Aramaic is Greek & Greek is Greek ????

Here are all the verses listed for the above study in both versions- Greek & Peshitta.(Fonts are Online Bible Hebrew & OLB Greek). This program is a must have. It has The Peshitta (Western 1905) , 4 Greek versions, 2 Hebrew versions, LXX,LXX English, Latin Vulgate, Murdock's NT translation of Peshitto and many more. Upgrades and add ons are free in most cases, as all above are.There is even an Arabic NT. German, French and many other langs. as well.
Go to

I have another file too large for my web site to handle. I do have it in pdf format. It is an exhaustive NT search of 22 word pairs in Greek & Aramaic, compared also to 11 word pairs in The LXX & Hebrew OT (standard model for Semitic original & Greek translation).This demonstrates conclusively,to my mind, through a total database of 10,000 words, that The Greek NT is a translation of The Peshitta.

This third link is an updated study of all 20 Greek NT occurrences of the word ,???Translate??? ( ???hermayneuo???) & comparison with The Peshitta text.-Strong evidence through The Gospels and Acts for Peshitta primacy.

This fourth link is a comparison of words in The Latin Vulgate & The Greek NT , showing via statistics, a la LXX-Hebrew comparisons, that The Latin Vulgate is a translation.

This next is a study of Gwynn's Critical edition of The Catholic Epistles & Revelation) compared to The Westcott & Hort Greek edition of the same books. This study demonstrates strong evidence that this edition of The Peshitto (including The Crawford manuscript) was the original from which The Westcott & Hort Greek text was translated. [The critical text of Revelation tends to be more accurate than the standard Received Text of that book.]
The Byzantine gives almost identical overall results in this same type study as W&H. (If the colors are off, please forgive; I am working on this anomaly.)
I have noticed sometimes the web pages display black backgrounds. Let me know if you have this problem.
I also have these files available in PDF format for posting on if that is possible.

More to come, soon.

Shlama w???burktha,

Dave Bauscher
2nd link doesn't work, and the 3-5th have black backgrounds.
Thanks Byrne, (is that your first name?). I have deleted the second link;apparently the file was too big. Please try the others again. I have no problem viewing them.


They look fine now. Even before you could see it by highlighting anyway.

byrnesey is slang for Byrnes, Richard Byrnes

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