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Terrorists target Assyrian Churches in Iraq
My personal opinion is that the Head of the COE sholud apply to United Nations Council, United States Congress, Senate etc. The Assyrians should go to the US White House to carry out meetings, involve press, collect signatures and petitions etc. I believe when they start doing this the other Christians will help them. The Western Christians have been not knowing about the holocausts. As much as I remember the first time I heard from Paul Younan about persecutions of the Assyrian Christians. I lived in the civilized world and I did not know this.
The muslims who spread their religion by sword and blood continue killing, killing, and killing. The America must stop this!!! they have all the power to do this, but who will shake and move the America to do this?
I hope that new Iraqi constitution will protect the Iraqi Christians, but this is just hope.

Our Allmighty Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, protect and save the Iraqi Christians!

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