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Tisha B'Av Connection?
Shlama lukhon,

This last Sunday???s (7/25) Oraytah (Torah/Prophets) Readings at the Church of the East sent chills down my spine as I pondered the possible connection with the ancient Jewish traditions of mourning during the month of Av.

The month of Av (July/August) is considered a mourning period and particularly the 9th day of the month is remembered as the day God's judgment and wrath was carried out at the time both temples in Jerusalem were destroyed which was then followed by captivities and/or exiles and diasporas.

Take a look at the readings selected by the COE for the Sunday before the traditional 9th of Av commemoration (this year it falls out tomorrow, 7/26/04)

Deuteronomy 4:1-40 and Isaiah 3:16-4:all

The central theme of both portions deals with Judgment against Israel and subsequent exiling, captivities and general death and destruction -the same themes we as Jews mourn over by holding a 24 hour fast (both food and drink) on the 9th of Av.


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